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Improving Women's Health - Before, During and After Disasters

dWomen’s Health Goulburn North East, in collaboration with Women’s Health in the North and the Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, is delighted to host a visit to Australia by Dr. Elaine Enarson. We are committed to improving responses to women’s issues and strengths in relation to bushfires, family violence and disasters.

Elaine is an internationally respected practitioner, researcher and author in the field of ‘gender and disaster’.

Women & Disaster Forums

Monday 5 March 2012

‘Focusing on women in emergency management' (Benalla)

‘International and local women’s knowledge about disaster risks and resilience’ (Kancoona)

Tuesday 6 March 2012

‘Women and Disaster Recovery’ (Yea)

Thursday 8 March 2012

 ‘Emergency Management and Women’: International Women’s Day' (Melbourne)

Dr. Elaine Enarson presented international information about ‘Women Building Disaster Resilience’ as the keynote speaker to a forum of 240 emergency management and support workers.

As Panel Members, Deb Parkinson & Claire Zara (WHGNE) presented findings from research undertaken with women and workers affected by Black Saturday 2009: ‘The Way He Tells It

‘The Future of Feminism in an Uncertain World’ (Monash University)

Monash University, Gender, Leadership and Social Sustainability Centre

Friday 9 March 2012

‘Identifying the Hidden Disaster: Natural Disasters and Family Violence’ (Melbourne)

Conference Proceedings and Audio Visual resources

Forum handouts:    
How Gender Factors Put
Women at Increased Risk

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Why Support Gender-
Sensitive Emergency Planning?

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Six Principles for Engendered
Relief and Reconstruction

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Women & Disaster:      
Snapshot 1
Women and Disaster

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Relationship violence is a taboo subject. It’s always been hard for women to report, but this is taken to a new level after a disaster.
Snapshot 2
Gender in Disaster

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The relevance of gender in disaster risk.  There are different vulnerabilities in disaster depending on gender.
Snapshot 3
The Hidden Disaster

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Women’s experiences of the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires were researched.  These are the findings regarding family violence – in a nutshell.
Snapshot 4

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Checklists to keep women and children safe for: Disaster prevention, response & recovery services