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zHume Region – Closing the Health Gap

Young Women's Health Project:
Stage 2 – June 2011 to June 2013

The young women’s health project is part of the region-wide Closing the Health Gap initiative to "improve the service and support available to address the reproductive health and wellbeing and pregnancy journey of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women living in Hume region".

Women’s Health Goulburn North East hosts Stage Two of the project and the Project Coordinator, Bev Hoffmann, who supports two Community Engagement Officers, Kellie Hunter Loughron and Coby Brock. Kellie is located at Seymour Health and will cover the Lower Hume PCP Region of Mitchell and Murrindindi Shires. Coby is based at Ovens & King Community Health in Wangaratta and her focus is on the Central Hume PCP Region of Benalla, Mansfield, Wangaratta and Alpine Shire.

Together they will address the project’s five strategies:

  1. Facilitating the development of STI services and programs, ante and post natal care, playgroups and parenting programs,
  2. Facilitating community engagement and development,
  3. Developing health information and service access resource kits,
  4. Supporting cultural competency,
  5. Supporting and developing partnerships and relationships.

And the two priorities of the ‘young women’s health project’ are to increase:

Pictured: The Young Women’s Health Project’s newest team members
Kellie Hunter Loughron (L) and Coby Brock (R) at a recent planning day in Wangaratta.

If you have any questions or would like any further information about the Young Women’s Health Project activities, contact details are below:

Bev is available Monday, Wednesday or Friday on 0407 239 438 or 03) 5722 3009
Kellie can be reached on Tuesday and Wednesdays on 0427 923 057 or 03) 5793 6100
Coby is in the office Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays on 0409 058 842 or 03) 5723 2000 

For more information on the project’s progress, contact Women's Health Goulburn North East