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Through Women’s Eyes: Disaster Resilience

Through Women's Eyes: Disaster ResilienceThirty one women, aged 16-80+ years, met in small groups across Alpine Shire to share their experiences about disaster resilience (January - June 2012). Alpine Shire includes areas at high risk of natural disasters including bushfires, floods and extreme weather event (wind and hail storms).

The National Disaster Resilience Strategy released by the Council of Australian Governments (2011) states that the disaster resilience of people and households is significantly increased by active planning and preparation for protecting life and property, based on an awareness of the threats relevant to their locality. It is also increased by knowing and being involved in local community disaster arrangements. [1]

The strategy recognises that disasters and risks do not impact everyone in the same way. [3] International [4] [5] and Australian research [6] [7] [8] confirms gender differences and inequalities are highly relevant before, during and after disasters.

The aim of this project was to increase community resilience knowledge/skills by focusing on the development of disaster resilience through the eyes of women.

The immediate results of the project include:

Through Women's Eyes: Disaster ResilienceThe project details and findings were presented to 30 people at a Community Report Back forum on
Monday 9 July 2012 by the facilitators and women participants at Kancoona Hall.

The project partners - Alpine Shire Council and Women's Health Goulburn North East - would like to thank the women for joining us in this project and the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal for financial support.

Please feel welcome to use the posters and project information in your communities and organisations.

We would love to hear about similar projects.

Project contacts:

Jan Mock Alpine Shire Council janm@alpineshire.vic.gov.au
Tricia Hazeleger tricia.hazeleger@gmail.com

Women & Disaster:

Resilience – Disaster Impacts
on Women

Resilience –
What is it?

Resilience –
What helps?

Resilience –
What doesn’t help

Women’s Strengths  ‘He just dealt with it differently’

Resilience –
What Needs to Change

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Resilience - Disaster Impacts on Women Resilience - What is it? Resilience - What Helps? Resilience - What doesn't help Women's Strengths  - He just delt with it differently Resilience - What Needs to Change

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