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Women’s Health Goulburn North East is the local leader in the field of
gender equity and shared learning.

Victoria’s Gender Equality Act is here!
Learn about how to implement it and embed gender equity in your organisation or workplace here.

Shared learning


There are many ways to engage with us.
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The Gender Equity Community of Practice (formerly known as the Prevention of Violence Community of Practice), brings together key stakeholders to collaboratively address one of the key drivers of violence against women – gender inequality.


At the GE CoP’s heart is the Respect and Equality for All: Prevention in Action strategy.


From 2020 onwards, the community of practice will be integral to ensuring the voices and needs of the north-east Victorian and Goulburn Valley communities are captured in this vital transformational work.


Join us to explore our new ways of conceiving of, and collaborating on, our work toward gender equality as part of our Gender and Equity Community of Practice.


Contact us to find out more.

We have developed a suite of practical tools that you can use to start, build on and further develop gender equity practice in your organisation.


These tools include:

  • Gender Audit tool (all organisations)
  • Sporting Clubs Handbook (sports organisations)
  • Partnering for Impact (arts organisations and local government)
  • Bystander toolkit (all organisations)
  • Media and gender equity (media and arts organisations)

and more.

We can work with you to develop practices that apply a gendered lens to your organisation.


For example we can: 

  • Review and advise on your health and wellbeing plans;
  • Help you to review your workplace culture to further embed gender equity principles;
  • Review and advise on your policies and procedures;
  • Review and advise on your organisation’s emergency management protocols;
  • Discuss, review and advise on your recruitment and retention practices;
  • Assist in developing internal and external communications strategies;
  • Attend, observe and evaluate training; and
  • Support you to implement requirements under the upcoming Gender Equity Act.

We work in a creative and safe environment that allows for learning and reflection.


We can talk at forums, meetings and events on these topics as well as current issues affecting rural, regional and remote women.

WHGNE has a long history of working in partnership with organisations for community benefit. Formal and informal partnerships ensure that WHGNE understands the needs of the community and that workplaces, organisations and communities are supported to drive change towards gender equity.


Examples of partnerships with workplaces, organisations and communities include:

Our experienced workshop facilitators strive to create learning environments – both face-to-face and online – that are safe, inclusive, respectful and uniquely shaped to a group’s needs.


Find out more about our workshop offerings below.



Take a look at the workshops and training we’ve developed.


Designed and delivered with a unique, local relevance.

Family Violence – Identification, response and referral (2 hours)


This foundation workshop, looks at how to recognise, respond and refer in the context of intimate partner violence.

You will discuss the following concepts:

  • The gendered nature of family violence
  • How to identify, respond and provide information for assistance
  • The individual, community and structural causes of family violence

Gender Equity (2 – 3 hours)


Once the groundwork has been laid, Excellence in Gender Equity explores the concepts of gender and gender stereotypes, privilege, unconscious bias and actions that can be taken to promote inclusivity and equality.


Outcomes for participants include:

  • An understanding of the difference between sex and gender
  • Knowledge and skills to recognise gender inequities
  • Understanding of the concepts privilege and unconscious bias
  • Knowledge of how privilege intersects with gender
  • Skills for gender transformative practice

Active Bystander (3 hours)


Active Bystander training examines the underlying drivers of violence against women and offers a range of actions individuals and organisations can take to prevent this. 


This will cover:

  • Understanding of the causes of violence against women
  • Knowledge to recognise gender inequities and sexism
  • An understanding of the difference between sex and gender
  • Understanding of the bystander effect and bystander action
  • Strategies to conduct courageous conversations that can change environments, cultures and structures

Language and Resistance (2 hours)


This training looks at the concepts of language and victims’ resistance to violence.


Throughout the session you will explore:

  • The importance of language and how it can mask the extent and reality of violence
  • The need to examine victims’ resistance and how it can reveal the extent and deliberate nature of the violence
  • That resistance is an appropriate response to violence and is often pathologised

Workplace Equality and Respect (2 hours, 4 hours or 5 hours)


Delivered by Our Watch-accredited trainers this series of training sessions covers the concepts of workplace equality and respect.  Workplaces are key sites to improve gender equality for women and address sexist attitudes and behaviours. Across Australia, workplace leaders are recognising that taking active steps to support gender equality is not just the right thing to do; it’s good business.


The Workplace Equality and Respect process can support you to:

  • Assess your organisation and identify key actions to ensure that gender equity and respect are at the centre of your workplace

Lessons in Disaster – Gender and Disaster (2 hours or 5 hours)


The ‘Lessons in Disaster’ training package aims to strengthen the capacity of the emergency management sector to challenge gender stereotypes.


This workshop aims to support emergency management practitioners and organisations to:

  • Recognise where gender stereotypes are active
  • Develop strategies to address gender inequalities
  • Understand the relevance of family violence to the Emergency Management sector, and to respond appropriately

Leadership for Gender Equity (3-4 hours)


The Gender Equity Masterclass is designed to support middle and senior management in cultivating a clear and strategic view of the challenges and opportunities presented when implementing GE across their workplace.


Participants gain:

  • An holistic approach to gender equity
  • Skills to lead their organisation or business

Sports Leadership for Gender Equity (3-4 hours)


Our sporting clubs are an important part of the regional effort to create safe and strong communities, and are where many of our girls and boys, young men and women learn about fairness, team spirit and equality. These values are the building blocks of respectful cultures that promote healthy relationships, and respectful cultures do not tolerate, discrimination, disrespect or violence against women.


This masterclass will:

  • Introduce you to the ways in which leadership in sporting organisations can lead the way on gender equity, engaging more women and girls in sport
  • Provide insights into the gender equity requirements for state funding
  • Provide insight into the technical aspects of implementing gender equity at your club

Workplace leaders are recognising that actively supporting gender equality is not just the right thing to do; it’s good business



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