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Aboriginal People:
a north east Victorian perspective

This section provides information on the Aboriginal peoples of north east Victoria.

Communicating Effectively
This section provides information that will assist in informed and respectful communication with Aboriginal peoples.

Historical Information &
Key Dates

This section provides information about important Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander historical and current events.

Aboriginal Health Promotion
This section provides information about Aboriginal health promotion.

Protocols & Procdures
This section provides information about protocols and procedures related to Aboriginal services, organisations and communities.

Producing Appropriate Information
This section provides information about how to ensure materials used are respectful and appropriately acknowledged.

Aboriginal Health Promotion

What is Aboriginal health promotion?

Health promotion for Indigenous people needs to take into account culture, diversity within the population, socioeconomic circumstances, numerous languages and dialects, geographic location and, importantly, the consequences of colonisation (which have impacted on the social, economic, and physical living conditions of Indigenous people).

Health is viewed holistically in the Indigenous population, and is inclusive of the physical, social, emotional and cultural wellbeing of individuals and communities. Relationships within the community (particularly those with elders), and spiritual connections to the land and ancestors need to be considered in the interpretation of health issues.

Specific health issues and their contributing factors need to be assessed in the context of Indigenous people's lives and the disproportionate burden of disadvantage they bear compared with the non-Indigenous population. x

Please refer to 'Using a health promotion framework with Aboriginal lens'.

x http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/html/html_programs/health_promotion/programs_healthpromotion.htm
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