About Making Two Worlds Work

Aboriginal People:
a north east Victorian perspective

This section provides information on the Aboriginal peoples of north east Victoria.

Communicating Effectively
This section provides information that will assist in informed and respectful communication with Aboriginal peoples.

Historical Information &
Key Dates

This section provides information about important Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander historical and current events.

Aboriginal Health Promotion
This section provides information about Aboriginal health promotion.

Protocols & Procdures
This section provides information about protocols and procedures related to Aboriginal services, organisations and communities.

Producing Appropriate Information
This section provides information about how to ensure materials used are respectful and appropriately acknowledged.

Resource Kit

What's in the 'Making Two Worlds Work' kit?

Suite of Six Colour Posters
Suite of Six Colour PostersSix posters have been developed from original paintings depicting aspects of Aboriginal health and wellbeing. The Aboriginal community chose the themes, created the paintings and developed the descriptions to accompany the posters. The themes are: spiritual and mental health, kinship and family, culture and identity, physical health, practical support and understanding, and partnerships with health and community agencies.

PDF File View all Six Colour Posters

Health and Community Services Audit

Health and Community Services AuditThis is a beautifully designed audit tool for agency planning and review. Over many months our working group discussed how to make it easier to work respectfully with Aboriginal clients and communities. From 'creating a welcoming environment' to 'developing cultural competence', this tool supports agencies to audit their practices and make small changes that can make a big difference to providing better care.

PDF File Health and Community Services Audit
File Size 5.75MB

Checklist: 'Working with Aboriginal clients and Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation'Checklist: 'Working with Aboriginal clients and Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation'

This small poster is designed to be placed prominently in workplaces as a simple reminder of the day-to day practices that are respectful of Aboriginal clients and community. It was developed during cultural training programs.

PDF File Checklist: 'Working with Aboriginal clients and Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation'
File Size 1.35MB

Using a health promotion framework with an 'Aboriginal lens'Using a health promotion framework with an 'Aboriginal lens'
This is a comprehensive planning and evaluation tool for specific health promotion initiatives with Aboriginal communities and as a prompt for all health promotion initiatives to ensure that we are incorporating the needs of our local Aboriginal people. We developed this because we couldn't find a step by step health promotion manual with an Aboriginal lens to support local health promotion practice so we did it ourselves! We added examples of good practices in our local area to compliment the theory.

PDF File Using a health promotion framework with an 'Aboriginal lens'
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Making Two Worlds Work : CDThe CD contains over 100 graphic images based on the six paintings for agencies to use when designing written or visual information for Aboriginal clients and community. You can choose borders, banners, water washes and symbols and copy them without copyright for your own publications.

PDF File View the CD we have produced


Making Two Worlds Work : DVDView the DVD to hear an explanation of 'Indigenous welcome' and 'acknowledging country' filmed at Mungabareena Reserve on the Murray River. View an explanation of the importance of art in Aboriginal communities. We wanted to ensure that our resource kit was designed using a range of formats and communication styles.

PDF File View the DVD we have produced

'Welcome' sticker

'Welcome' StickerThis is a simple way for services to welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to their agency. One sticker is included in each kit, and the template design is on the CD so it can be reprinted in any format for permanent signage.

PDF File 'Welcome' Sticker
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PDF File 'Welcome Sticker'
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Information Guide
Information GuideThis Information Guide brings together information from a variety of sources into one guide to make it easier for health workers to find answers to questions they may have about Aboriginal health, history and protocols. Also included are contact details for local Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organisations and services that offer support and services to Aboriginal people and communities.

PDF File Information Guide
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