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Aboriginal People:
a north east Victorian perspective

This section provides information on the Aboriginal peoples of north east Victoria.

Communicating Effectively
This section provides information that will assist in informed and respectful communication with Aboriginal peoples.

Historical Information &
Key Dates

This section provides information about important Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander historical and current events.

Aboriginal Health Promotion
This section provides information about Aboriginal health promotion.

Protocols & Procdures
This section provides information about protocols and procedures related to Aboriginal services, organisations and communities.

Producing Appropriate Information
This section provides information about how to ensure materials used are respectful and appropriately acknowledged.



Karin Mcmillan's explanation of the importance of art in Aboriginal communities:
I created this painting in September, 2006 as a tool to demonstrate the importance of cultural communication. It is our way to learn from story telling and symbolism, it has been that way since the dreamtime.

This is a contemporary piece of art that was designed by me, an ancestor of the Taungurung people from the Flowerdale and Yea area in Victoria.

The colors used through out this painting are colors that our ancestors could have created from the landscape around them.

Artwork is a tool I have worked with in all areas of my career in promoting and explaining Koori culture. It’s a tool that I break down into areas of:

I start by talking with my community about what they think of different topics. I use symbolism to translate this into a picture.
I encourage them to give both verbal and illustrated information. Through this they all feel part of, and connected to this creation!
They also feel part of the creation when Aboriginal community has input into artwork, or they know the artist.

They feel connected to both the issue being translates into art and the artist, so local community artwork and artists are the best .

I use art when I work with mainstream (generalist) service providers as part of the process to improve cultural connectiveness.

When the Aboriginal community sees a flyer with Aboriginal artwork they will pick it up. They know that this will concern them or their family and will share the information amongst their community. Even if the event or information is not just for our community, is good to put a few on Aboriginal designed paper.

When the Aboriginal community sees Indigenous artwork in a service, on a flyer or a brochure they will feel more welcomed to the event or connected to the issue.

By using these techniques we hope to broaden access & equity for our community across a wider range of people and services.



Pastor Darren Wighton explaining "Indigenous Welcome and Acknowledging Country"
Translation of the Wirdjuri Welcome song "Gwambanna" as sung by astor Darren Wighton


Orana Nginyani Ngindugurr
Welcome from us to you

Gawambanna Nginyani Ngindugurr Welcome from us to you

Ngadji Gagaang, Girra
My brother

Ngadji Mingnan
My sister

welcome to

the gathering for

With each other

Caring for each other

Respecting, Honoring being Patient and gentle with each other