About Making Two Worlds Work

Aboriginal People:
a north east Victorian perspective

This section provides information on the Aboriginal peoples of north east Victoria.

Communicating Effectively
This section provides information that will assist in informed and respectful communication with Aboriginal peoples.

Historical Information &
Key Dates

This section provides information about important Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander historical and current events.

Aboriginal Health Promotion
This section provides information about Aboriginal health promotion.

Protocols & Procdures
This section provides information about protocols and procedures related to Aboriginal services, organisations and communities.

Producing Appropriate Information
This section provides information about how to ensure materials used are respectful and appropriately acknowledged.

Using the Kit

Inclusion Support NetworkInclusion Support Network for children's services sector, hosted by Upper Murray Family Care in north east Victoria has utilised many of the resources and included them in their kits to support services to be inclusive. They have also endeavoured to have every children's service in the area display the welcome sticker and posters from the kit.

The WA Telethon Institute for Child Health Research Indigenous AEDI Project has used one of the posters and it's story in a chapter of a Mental Health text for Aboriginal service providers.

Gateway Community HealthGateway Community Health has used the graphics throughout it's recently redesigned suite of publications and images, from pamphlets through to signage across the shopfront of the service.

Young Parents Program at Gateway Community Health has used the MTWW resource to guide future planning and programming, building cultural equity in from the start.

MTWW - Audit ToolA home and community service in southern NSW has used the MTWW Audit tool to develop a survey for organisational review.

Eastern Victims Assistance & Counselling Program utilized the audit tool after participating in a Cultural Awareness Training Program.

Albury Wodonga HealthStaff at Albury Wodonga Health who have undergone cultural awareness training are presented with badges designed using the graphics from the 'partnership' poster, in an effort to ensure Aboriginal community members feel welcome by the hospital. They have also used the audit tool as a basis for the pre and post measurements in their cultural training program, and have increased the number and range of symbols of welcome including signage and the display of original art works from MTWW.

MTWW - Using a health promotion framework with an 'Aboriginal lens'The Royal Flying Doctors service in Queensland has been providing staff with the MTWW resources to support their knowledge and cultural competency in Aboriginal culture and practices.

A Making Two Worlds Work image was used in a brochure
produced for Indigenous Victims of Crime by the Department of Justice, Victoria.

Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation : Football JumperMungabareena Aboriginal Corporation has used the graphics in creative ways including the design of a football jumper, bookmarks and cards.

A number of GP Divisions across Australia have used MTWW to assist them to engage with mainstream primary health care providers to increase their skills in providing culturally safe health care for Indigenous people. Many have also adapted the ideas and information to suit the needs of their local communities.


I'm writing to say thankyou for the resource kit and to let you know we that we talked about it here in our team and have decided on a number of things we want to do to improve the way we do business. We have decided to get some of the posters framed properly and put in the foyer of our office so they don't get damaged. We are also thinking about developing an audit for our office.
Healthy Mothers Healthy Families - Talking about Aboriginal pregnancy and postnatal care
Murdock Childrens Research Institute

We are absolutely knocked out by the kit you sent to us. Posters are phenomenal - I will be putting two of them up near my desk.
Team Leader, Integrated Health Promotion - Primary Health Branch
Department of Human Services

In our young parents programs 15 - 20% of participants are Aboriginal, and in recent years we have been developing our relationships with local Aboriginal Services with a view to creating pathways into mainstream services. The “Making Two Worlds Work” resource has complemented our work by giving us accessible information about Aboriginal culture and beliefs, contributing positively to our conversations with Aboriginal services.
Gateway Community Health