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This directory of resources is designed to support workers in the Victorian community sector to have a conversation with women to identify issues and challenges that reduce their capacity to manage their money well.

NILS workers can also visit to Good Shepherd Microfinance in order to access Good Learning  an online learning tool to inform and empower NILS workers to better assist their clients.

Housing costs

Paying bills


Transport costs

Medical costs

Education costs

Loans and debts

Money traps

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A network of advocacy services across Australia support people to access Centrelink. They provide casework advice and assistance, so people can exercise their rights and get their entitlements.

Centrelink clients can arrange to receive their Centrelink payments weekly.

If a client’s ex-partner has their child/children for one night/week, 24% of his Child Support obligations will be negated.

You can find more information by going to the Services Australia website and searching ‘Centrelink’.

Advocacy and rights

Childcare and child support

Centrelink contact details

Crisis payment

Multilingual phone service

Payment finder

This section provides information about financial abuse and domestic violence services.  You can find more information by searching ‘domestic violence counselling and support’ for your location.

Domestic violence is about POWER and CONTROL. It can be financial, physical, emotional, social, spiritual or cultural.



National service finders

Victoria service finders

Babies and children

Concession and services


Health advocacy

Mental health

Sport and activity

National concessions and services

Victorian concession and services

This section provides information about legal issues women may need assistance with.  You can find more information by searching for a community legal service in your location.

Women’s Legal Services Australia is a national network of community legal centres specialising in women’s legal issues. The individual Member Centres regularly provide advice, information, casework and legal education to women on particularly family law and family violence matters but can also provide advice on more general legal issues.


This section provides information about money and financial issues women may need assistance with.  You can find more information by searching specific topics for your location or going to the MoneySmart website.

Money Minded Online is an easy way to learn more about managing money and it is free.

Banking and smart loans

Banking and smart savings



Credit cards


Money traps



Financial prosperity for Indigenous Australians

Credit reports

Debt collection


Disasters and finance