We are —

Women’s Health Goulburn North East is a feminist organisation, leading change towards women’s empowerment, women’s health, the prevention of violence against women and ultimately, gender equality, in rural and regional Victoria.

What we do 

Our work addresses the harms of binary gender norms and practices in order to achieve long-term gender equality. 

We apply a gendered lens to the factors and environments that shape women’s health and wellbeing in rural and regional Victoria. Our expertise is in women’s economic empowerment, gender and climate change, gender equity, the prevention of violence against women and sexual and reproductive health.

How we do it 

Our experienced staff are local leaders in the field of gender equity and shared learning.  

We make our expertise accessible to our communities through highly regarded research, resources and toolkits, which we encourage you to read and use in your workplace or organisation. 

We also work with community groups, organisations and workplaces to develop and deliver information and practical tools, consultations, coaching, tailored training, workshops and facilitated conversations. 

Who we work with 

We believe in the potential of communities and individuals to drive change.

We will work with any stakeholder that is committed to change towards gender equity, such as:

  • sporting clubs
  • small businesses and industry bodies
  • local government
  • community groups
  • service clubs
  • government departments
  • public utilities and semi-government organisations
  • hospitals and health services
  • emergency services departments
  • volunteer organisations
  • schools and educational organisations
  • childcare organisations

We have a strong connection with communities across the Goulburn Valley and north-east Victoria.


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