Women’s Health Goulburn North East’s Gender Equity E-LEARNING HUB is designed to provide a space for informal, self-directed learning on a range of topics relating to gender equity and equality.

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Why have we developed the Gender Equity E-LEARNING HUB?

Our E-LEARNING HUB sits in the space between, standard ‘gender equity’ training and WHGNE’s tailored, in-person facilitated conversations. 

WHGNE’s region covers around one-fifth of the State of Victoria and it isn’t possible to work with all of our stakeholders in person. We’ve developed our E-LEARNING HUB so that we can make information available for organisations and people we can’t reach physically.  It also means that we can provide easy access to self-directed learning. This acts as a basis for further learning, delivered in-person (either online or in the physical room), through facilitated conversations that support our stakeholders to deepen their understanding of the path to gender equity.

What is our learning approach?

We are using a ‘blended learning’ approach that involves delivering knowledge in a scalable way. 

Our approach is designed to enable us to use region-specific themes and topics, ensuring that our stakeholders see themselves and their organisations reflected in the work. 

This approach ensures that we are able to support the transformative process of deepening knowledge and skills to make real steps towards gender equality. 

Our first step in design is identifying the base knowledge and introductory content our stakeholders need and using the E-LEARNING HUB to provide this content through our self-directed online courses. Users can then either continue through the self-directed courses on our platform or engage with us via face-to-face facilitated sessions (online or in the physical room) to explore the topics more fully.

Who is the Gender Equity E-LEARNING HUB for?

The E-LEARNING HUB is for organisations and individuals who care about gender equality

The content we are developing is designed for self-directed, informal learning. WHGNE is not a Registered Training Provider and does not seek to be.

The Gender Equity E-LEARNING HUB contains courses suitable for both community members and organisations, community groups and businesses.

It is also a key component of our Gender Equity Pathway, ensuring that we can support our current partners, and also reach out to new ones.

Courses are either free, or available at a modest cost to ensure that the work is available as widely as possible to community members across our region.

What will I learn?

The E-LEARNING HUB provides three levels of learning that build awareness, knowledge and skills. Our ‘bites’ are a bonus level – for when you don’t have a lot of time.

E-LEARNING BITES are for when you’re on the go and only have a short amount of time to learn something new, or for a quick refresh on specific concepts often used in gender equality work.

Awareness level courses introduce learners to the basic concepts and ideas about the topic. Once learners complete an awareness course they will have a greater awareness of the key themes.

Knowledge-building courses expand on basic concepts and provide some context to the topics and ideas being discussed. Once learners complete a knowledge building course, they will have the ability to start linking concepts together, enabling them to introduce change in their home, community and work life.

Skills-building courses delve deeper into specific topics and content to flesh out the underlying causes of gender inequality. Once learners complete a skills-building course, they can act as advocates for change in their home, community and work life.