Building ministers agree to increase energy efficiency standards of Australian homes in 2023, following the submission of a joint statement signed by 105 organisations. The decision will contribute to reducing emissions, increasing health and wellbeing and mitigate the rising cost of living.

On 26 August 2022, building ministers agreed to changes to the National Construction Code and the 2023 implementation of 7 star energy ratings for all new dwellings. This decision was made following the submission of a joint statement spearheaded by Renew and signed by 105 organisations from the building, community and social services sectors, including Women’s Health Goulburn North East. 

Crucially, the decision will include social housing and rental properties. This will help mitigate the high cost of living through lower energy bills and protect vulnerable community members from the effects of extreme heat and cold. The move will improve the health and wellbeing of single parent families and older women, who are the fastest growing demographic to fall below the poverty line. 

The changes are projected to produce savings of $12.6 billion through lowering the cost of grid upgrades, reducing poverty and social inequality. In addition, the increased energy efficiency of Australian homes will reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 78 million tonnes by 2050. 

As a signatory organisation to the Joint Statement provided to the Building Minister’s meeting, WHGNE congratulates everyone who contributed to this campaign. To view the full statement, follow the link below.

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