Day 2 of Diversity in Disaster conference

Beginning with a first-hand experience over a decade since Black Saturday, speakers will present research on the evidence of increased violence after disaster, and practitioners and CFA volunteers will speak on effective prevention and response. Gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of violence in a disaster context and learn about strategies of referral and collaboration to prevent violence against women in the different context that a disaster’s aftermath presents.

Co-Chairs: Donna Wheatley and Steve O’Malley, Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade, with Brett de Hoedt

Speaker: Sharon Dimensions of consequences.

Speaker: Rachael Mackay Women’s Health Goulburn North East, Family violence and disasters in Australia.

Speaker: Beth Taylor CFA, Prevention of Family Violence Action Group.

Speaker: Connie Kellett Dept. of Justice and Regulation & University of Melbourne Beyond Bushfires research team, Experiences of anger following disaster and the intersection with family violence.

Speaker: Alison Birchall Policy Adviser, Domestic Violence Victoria, Family Violence – More than an Aftermath.