Include your pronouns in your email signatures

January 8, 2021

If you’re following along with our gender equity action ideas for 2021, you might have already considered making yours to “use gender inclusive language with friends and colleagues”.

And part of that is about normalising conversations about gender, and not assuming other people’s genders. A great way to do this – and it’s something you can do right now – is to include your own pronouns in your email signature.

Are yours “she”? “He”? “They”? Or something else?

By introducing yourself and your own pronouns, you’re helping to create a safe space for other people to use theirs, and taking one small but important step towards creating a community where people feel safe and comfortable being their authentic selves.

Is this part of your #GE42021 resolution? Read more about the importance of pronouns, and how they are part of being a great ally, here. And then get over to that email signature of yours and get to work!