Use gender inclusive language with friends and colleagues

January 7, 2021

It’s so easy to throw around gendered language without paying it much thought as to what it might mean, how it might make people feel, or the assumptions and bias that might be bundled up in it.

And so we challenge you, in 2021, to ditch the gendered language that is typically thrown around with friends and colleagues – you know, things like, “Hi guys!”, or “Ladies and gents…” – and dream up something more inclusive for those collective addresses!

Gender-inclusive language can go a long way to breaking gender stereotypes and – as the terms suggest – include people of all genders. It’s a great way to demonstrate that you don’t make presumptions about people’s gender and that you care for and respect people.

But don’t stop at those handy collective nouns. Are you making assumptions about people’s gender when you use pronouns? (You’ll love tomorrow’s #ge42021 tip, then!)

In 2021, resolve to use more inclusive language. You’ll make mistakes, sure, but own them, think about them, learn from them and get better! Here’s a great place to start – find out more about using inclusive language with your friends, at work, or in your community space here.

How’s that for a new year’s resolution, peeps?!