In late 2019, Women’s Health Goulburn North East partnered with The Wheeler Centre to deliver a series of literary events, forums and shows to roll out across Goulburn and north-east Victoria to showcase the power of regional arts, festivals and event programming to platform the cultural change we want to see in our towns and cities.

In the spirit of asking better questions, sharing powerful ideas and telling the stories we need to hear to build respect and equality, we have used our learning from these events and with the support of the Strathbogie Shire Council, developed this toolkit.

The Partnering for Impact Blueprint and Toolkit provides tips, considerations and tools for arts and events organisations. The resource translates the latest research and insights from the process of working together on Women at the Edge.

It is in two parts. The first section is a toolkit that provides 10 steps to take now to do better on gender equality. The second section is a blueprint for broader change in rural arts and event settings and some considerations for partnering on Women at the Edge. While the toolkit and blueprint can be used as stand-alone resources, they work better together.