In September 2020, Women’s Health Goulburn North East invited four community members to discuss rural resilience and what that means in our communities today. The discussion shown in the video below was held immediately following our Annual General Meeting for the year.

We invite you view the video of our discussion below and for context, you might want to explore our online annual report.

KATHLEEN is a social gerontologist with a long involvement in the health and community sectors. She is part of the international Age-Friendly Movement as a researcher and advisor to the WHO, governments, and NGOs nationally and overseas; and our own Age-Friendly Northeast Victoria Alliance.

When she’s not finding new ways to inspire the world to value growing old, you can find her knitting beanies for her granddaughters, or trying to keep rabbits out of the vegie patch. 

MAGGIE lives on the east coast of Tasmania. She is the author of two books on the history of settlement in Australia and Canada, Core of My Heart, My Country and Strangers in a Foreign Land, and two memoirs, When It Rains and How to Get There.  

PAUL is passionate about making positive change happen.

He has worked on poverty, climate change, disaster recovery, illegal wildlife trade, domestic violence, regional resilience, water security and infrastructure here and internationally.

He is the Director of the Australian Resilience Centre, has previously worked for the Stockholm Resilience Centre, CSIRO and government agencies.

His proudest achievement to date is making an award-winning Book Week costume for one of his four daughters.

JENNY is a committed advocate for women with disabilities and driver of transformative change in regional communities.

Jenny’s work has informed and strengthened partnerships that include women of all abilities. Her commitment to equality empowers rural women living with disability and communities to enable access and participation for all.