Stand in solidarity with First Nations people this January 26

January 22, 2021

Women’s Health Goulburn North East acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as Australia’s first peoples and the traditional custodians of the land and water in which we live, work and play.  

We recognise that January 26 is not a celebration for all Australians. This day marks the unlawful invasion of Australia, the beginning of the genocide and introduction of epidemic diseases that together killed 90 per cent of the Indigenous population, and the dispossession of First Nations people from their lands and cultures. 

The intersection of colonisation and dispossession, intergenerational trauma, removal from family and community, racism, discrimination, and marginalisation continue to have a detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. In the face of these enormous challenges, they are strong and continue to lead their communities towards health, wellbeing and justice. 

On January 26, we stand in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We recognise and value the voices, strength and resilience of Aboriginal women and emphasise the importance of organisations controlled by and run for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. And we support the call for a national treaty to acknowledge past and present injustices and centre Aboriginal voices and experience in shaping a more caring, equal and just future. 

We also commit to learning more about what this day represents for First Nations people, and to being better allies to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We choose to mark the day in reflection, mourning and solidarity with First Nations communities.  

And we call upon you to join us. 

This January 26, spend the day immersing yourself in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and knowledge and learning about what you can do to be a good ally to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Choose to participate in a Survival/Invasion Day event – many events around the country will incorporate an online element this year, so you can participate from your own home in north east Victoria or the Goulburn Valley. 

Check out these links for listings of online events around Australia: 

And consider other ways you can take action in support of First Nations people:

Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.