Your sexual and reproductive health: a straightforward guide

September 23, 2020

It can be hard to know where to go for reliable, easy-to-read, accessible information about your sexual and reproductive health.

We know this, because we’ve talked to girls, women and gender-diverse people in our community about the challenges to finding information, understanding that information or approaching someone they trust to talk to about their health. A common refrain that we’ve heard from people in our community is that they want straightforward details about their sexual and reproductive health and where they can find health care and support when they need it.

That’s why we’ve launched a new set of information resources in plain English about menstruation, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, contraception, abortion and menopause. Our six straightforward guides are for both community members and professionals working in health, education and community settings. Each resource provides information in a succinct, conversational format, answering commonly asked questions, and listing other places readers might go for additional information.

Importantly, they also list local services that people can turn to for support and health care in the Goulburn Valley and north-east Victoria.

You can find the guides via the above links, or by searching our resources page.

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