Happy Transgender Day of Visibility to trans and gender-diverse people in the Goulburn North East area and across Australia.

It is so important to celebrate and acknowledge the importance of authentic self-expression. In order to create true gender equity, we must support trans, non-binary and gender-diverse people to be able to express themselves authentically without fear of discrimination. Advocating for health and gender equity must include an intersectional gender lens to be truly representative.

Health equity and gender identity

Trans people disproportionately experience health inequality, including discrimination, abuse and difficulty finding doctors willing to provide essential healthcare. Trans-specific healthcare also comes with significant cost, placing financial strain on those needing it. All these factors lead to further negative outcomes, which can include mental ill-health.   

The Australian public overwhelmingly support trans equality, with a 2020 study showing that 78% of people agree that trans people deserve the same rights and protections as other Australians, and 66% believe that young people should be able to access healthcare that supports them to live as their true selves. So why is it such a challenge for trans and gender-diverse people to receive the care they require? 

This Transgender Day of Visibility we encourage decision makers to prioritise making healthcare for trans and gender-diverse people more accessible. People should be able to access the treatment they require without being misunderstood, mistreated or refused assistance.  

What are the solutions?

Trans people should be supported in their transition and be able to access health care easily.  Gender affirming care such as hormone replacement should be easily available, especially to rural and regional trans and gender-diverse people whose access is significantly limited due to the need to travel. Healthcare providers must be supported to understand issues specific to trans and gender diverse people, including their diverse medical and mental health needs. Health workers of all levels must have access to training around inclusive care, to ensure trans and gender-diverse people are respected, understood and properly looked after when seeking health care. Health care is a fundamental human right, and barriers to trans and gender-diverse people significantly damages their safety and wellbeing.  

Barriers between trans and gender-diverse people and healthcare must be taken down. To create a truly equal society we must establish health equality between all forms of gender identity. When we break down rigid gender norms, challenge the gender binary and celebrate gender diversity in all its forms we promote gender equality for everyone.  

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