Wise Well Women –

WHGNE supported the launch of a health education program in Shepparton, which trained women of migrant and refugee backgrounds in the fields of sexual and mental health, safety and wellbeing and the prevention of family violence, in order to provide a bridge between the health system and their respective communities.

WHGNE auspiced a local Shepparton project and supported the planning and evaluation components, including liaising with Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health to investigate best-practice models for training community women to become health educators.

The Wise Well Women bi-cultural health workers project was delivered in April 2021 with 12 women of migrant and refugee background completing six days of training on a variety of health topics, including SRH, breast and cervical health, pregnancy and birthing.

This partnership evolved from Storylines project engagement and lived experience feedback received on cultural safe maternity services.