Implement a gender equity policy

January 20, 2021

We’re now well and truly into the swing of 2021! Have you got some ideas about what are you can do to advance gender equity in your community this year?

One big way you can create meaningful change when it comes to gender equality is to encourage your community group, sporting club or workplace to implement its own gender equity policy. An organisational gender equity policy will help your group to ensure it is diverse and inclusive, and is a safe space where people of all genders, backgrounds, life stages and experiences can feel valued and can contribute.

A great place to start is by having open and respectful conversations with the people involved in your organisation, club or workplace about what equality, diversity and respect mean in the context or your group and where you think your group currently sits, when it comes to being inclusive, accessible and representative of the broader community.

We’ve got lots of terrific resources to set you on the road to gender equity in your group – take a look at our sample gender equity policies specifically designed for community groups and sport clubs.

(And let us know if we can support you – we love working with all manner of groups in the community!)