We have just launched a new fact sheet to support you as you prepare for your responsibilities and opportunities under the new Gender Equality Act 2020.

In February, the Victorian Government was the first government in Australia to pass gender equality legislation, in the form of the Gender Equality Act 2020. It was a moment we’d long been waiting for – the introduction of legislation expressly aimed at improving workplace gender equality across the state’s public sector, universities and local government bodies.

It enshrines in law people’s right to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities in a workplace setting, regardless of their gender.

The Act aims to address key drivers of gender inequality in the workplace, requiring that each organisation plan, measure and track progress towards workplace gender equality. It will do this by ensuring workplace transparency and accountability on a range of gender equality indicators.

It also aims to improve gender equality in the wider community by considering the gendered impacts of policies, programs and services delivered – supporting better outcomes for people of all genders.

We have advocated for the passing of this legislation, as well as working collaboratively with local government to pilot the gender equality program and toolkit. With this legislation now in place, we’re ready to support you and your organisation to prepare for your new responsibilities under the Act.

We can provide information and practical tools, consultation, coaching, tailored training, workshops and facilitate conversations in your workplace. We work best in partnerships and we believe collaboration is the best way to develop and implement meaningful, effective strategies towards gender equality.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together to make workplaces more inclusive, welcoming and equal for all.