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Aboriginal People:
a north east Victorian perspective

This section provides information on the Aboriginal peoples of north east Victoria.

Communicating Effectively
This section provides information that will assist in informed and respectful communication with Aboriginal peoples.

Historical Information &
Key Dates

This section provides information about important Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander historical and current events.

Aboriginal Health Promotion
This section provides information about Aboriginal health promotion.

Protocols & Procdures
This section provides information about protocols and procedures related to Aboriginal services, organisations and communities.

Producing Appropriate Information
This section provides information about how to ensure materials used are respectful and appropriately acknowledged.

Aboriginal People

A North East Victorian Perspective

What is the history of Aboriginal people in north east Victoria and surrounding area?

The original inhabitants and traditional owners of the Murray River area near Albury and Wodonga are the Wiradjuri, Wavereoo and Dhudhuroa people. Albury was a resettlement area in the 1970's and many Aboriginal people moved to the area at this time, particularly from western NSW.

We are quite a transient population with many new faces around at the moment. There are currently around 2,500-3,000 Aboriginal people in our community living on both sides of the Murray River.

Aboriginality is in the heart. In our community there are as many fair skinned Aboriginal people as there are dark skinned people. In some respects, we are quite invisible as a community. The Murray river is considered the giver of life, not a divider of communities, but it can be challenging to collect accurate data about health needs and service usage as the organisations used by community members are located in both NSW and Victoria.